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What do we mean by "Climate Care" ?

Climate Care was born in 1997 from the idea of Mike Mason, a Englishman graduated from Oxford in environment protection. His project was simple : finance action plans to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide, and this at a global scale. His mission was a success: Climate Care is one of the best organizations today in innovation and development for ecological production.

To reinforce this success, Climate Care was purchased in 2008 by JP Morgan Chase's, one of the oldest and most powerful financial institution in the world whose assets exceed 2 trillion US dollars. Implanted in more than 60 countries, this company tends to extend its scope regarding sustainable development. Climate Care acquisition in its environmental market division allowed the implementation of many measures to reward "green" producers. It is the contrary of the polluter / payer since in this case, there is no punishment for the polluter but a compensation for the environmentally concerned entrepreneur.

The success of "Carbon Offsets"

Professor Diana Liverman
director of the department "Global warming" in Oxford University.

To mention just one, the financial project of the International Development Enterprise India (IDEI) was a great success. It consisted in the promotion of the use of hand pumps, generated by human power through a system of pedals. Because of its ecological and economical dimension (this system allowed to create jobs), this project won the Ashden Award on the category "Sustainable Energy for Enterprise" in 2006.

A recent study of the International Water Management Institute demonstrated that a farmers family which bought this pump at Rs1200 saw its annual wage increasing by around Rs4100, knowing that the average annual wage of a farmers family is about Rs7000.