Ecocert and the organic products labels

The ECOCERT organization

Ecocert is a French organization of certification recognized by government which offers the ecological and organic cosmetics certification since the end of 2002. Ecocert defined an Ecocert convention regarding ecological and organic products, which necessitates a higher level of requirements than conventional regulation of cosmetics and guarantees a real practice of respect for the environment.


Every products from The Jute Shop are certifiedEcocert for organic cotton.

The Requirements

  • Almost organic composition : All certified products contain at least 95% natural ingredients and processed using methods approved byEcocert (environmentally friendly), the remaining 5% should be part of a short list (of which five conservatives allowed and this in order to comply with the regulation of consumer safety). Note that this is one of the most restrictive requirements for those who need to review their way to formulate their request for the label (even for those who claim themselves as pioneers of organic production).
  • No synthetic components : The synthetic fragrance, synthetic dyes, silicones, glycols etc. are prohibited. Only a few essential synthetic ingredients and not available yet in natural are allowed.
  • No tests on animal for finished products


The Quality Control and Labels


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  • Label AB (Agriculure Biologique = Organic agriculture)
  • Label AB is a collective mark of certification, of voluntary use, and property of the French Ministry of Agriculture. It identifies the products of agricultural origin for human food or animal feed that respect, from producer to consumer, regulation and organic control as applied in France, as well as strong traceability requirements. In the case of compound feed, the label AB guarantee a minimum of 95% of product from organic farming, the rest being composed of organic products not available in sufficient quantity (exotic, some spices...)

  • Label EVE
  • Le label Eve (Ecological Green Spaces) was developed byEcocert with environment and green spaces professionals and experts. Beyond the differentiated management whose incorporate the principles, it provides a clear framework for integrating sustainable development in the management of green spaces. This label is awarded to a site after an audit that verifies the compliance of the management criteria of the repository

    Already more than 100 green spaces have been audited in several major cities including Paris, Lille, Villeurbanne.