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List of products by manufacturer: Sacs en Juco

  • 1 bottle bag PSB 6658

    1 bottle bag PSB 6658

    Matters Color Juco
    Handles Round wooden handles
    Dimensions 35 x 10 x 9.5 cm
    Autres caractéristiques Marquage, taille et couleurs personnalisables
    Marking Embroidery

    from 2,05 €
  • Sac à bottes

    Boots bag

    Matters Jute and cotton
    Handles Anses plates en coton trssé
    Dimensions 37 x 70 cm
    Autres caractéristiques rangements séparés
    Marking None

    price : contact us
  • Promotional bag PSB 6991

    Promotional bag PSB 6991

    Matters Juco
    Handles Woven cotton handles with rope on the inside 32 cm
    Dimensions 34 x 43 cm
    Autres caractéristiques Broderie personnalisable
    Marking Embroidery

    from 2,92 €
  • Promotional bag PSB 6998

    Promotional bag PSB 6998

    Matters Laminated Juco
    Handles Woven jute color handles 5 x 56 cm
    Dimensions 35 x 54 x 24 cm
    Autres caractéristiques Anses assorties au marquage
    Marking Print one side

    from 3,42 €
  • Promotional bag PSB 7423A

    Promotional bag PSB 7423A

    Matters Laminated color Juco
    Handles Thick cotton handles with rope on the inside 60 cm
    Dimensions 34 x 43.5 x 19 cm
    Autres caractéristiques Anses et sac rouges
    Marking Print one side

    price : contact us
  • Shopping bag PSB 6757

    Shopping bag PSB 6757

    Customizable laminated juco bag.

    Matters Laminated juco
    Handles Cotton handles size: 50 cm
    Dimensions 34 x 42 x 18 cm
    Autres caractéristiques Custom printing
    Marking Double side printing

    from 2,76 €
  • Shopping bag PSB 6926

    Shopping bag PSB 6926

    Juco shopping bag with an embroidered design.

    Matters Natural color juco
    Handles Thick cotton handles 52 cm
    Dimensions 34 x 43.5 x 19 cm
    Autres caractéristiques Orange Handles (customizable)
    Marking Embroidery

    from 3,31 €